September 29, 2019, Author: rcf futa

The Holy Spirit commonly referred to as the third person in trinity is an integral part of the Godhead. He was promised to the disciples by  the lord Jesus himself  John 14: 26 , A close Examination of the verse shows that the verse starts with the Negation ‘but’ , we will do well to examine the preceding verse: John 14:25  These things have I spoken unto you , being yet present with you, combining the two verses together , we can see that   the holy spirit will only come after Jesus has left , verse 26 says “But the comforter, which is the holy Ghost; whom the father will send in my name , he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said to you.“  We can therefore infer from the verse that;

  • The holy spirit was sent in Jesus Name
  • The Holy Spirit will teach us all things; as pertaining to Christ, the holy spirit will not teach you how to drive or how to invest in the stock market.
  • The holy spirit will bring all things to our remembrance; All things here is specific, e.g. the holy spirit will never remind you of your past sins
  • The teaching ministry of the holy spirit is necessary because Jesus spent 3 years teaching and expounding the truths of the kingdom, that’s relatively a short time because he still spent part of the time doing miracles, signs and wonders, the holy spirit is needed to continue where Jesus Stopped.
  • The Remembrance is necessary because of the Mental state of men, we are always thinking of so many things that we may have forgotten what Jesus said, how do we think Matthew, mark, john remember the exact things Jesus did and said so long after his death if not by the help of the spirit?
  • Paul never went to Bible college or school of theology Gal 1:12, He never saw Jesus in flesh, so he never listened to any of Jesus sermon, an observation of Paul ministry showed that he had the unction of    the spirit upon him; he was taught of the things Christ did while he was still alive.

Having established that, it will be enlightening to know that all believers have a measure of the Holy Spirit 1cor 12:3b states “No man can say that Jesus is the lord except by the Holy Ghost

Matt 16:16-17 shows that everyone that defines and accept Jesus did by the help of the Holy Spirit. To have a measure of the spirit in us is good but even better is to have the fullness of the spirit, this can be achieved via

  • The hearing of faith Gal 3:5
  • Laying on of hands Acts 8:17

The Holy Spirit is to help us; he seals us unto the day of redemption Eph 4:30


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