June 9, 2020, Author: Fayokemi Akinkuade

Oh, I would so love to come out with a first class, so that everyone will look up to me and jobs would line up for me. But then am I ready to put in my very best?, am I really ready to stay up all night just to read?.
Of course,I can do it, after all, the Bible says with God all things are possible and as his child I can do everything to the strength of him that has called me.
Yes, it is time to read my Bio 101, but before I go into that let me quickly just check kolade’s post on her whatsapp status, oh my God where did kolade get the iPhone she used to take this picture, she so fineeee, and am sure it is because of the iPhone.
And then 2 hours later I am still checking my friends posts and I say to myself, I am sure I will start reading tomorrow but then time has been wasted and the day of trial is slowly approaching. A man once said “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”.
Procrastination has been found to be one of the greatest cause of failure,it camouflages your failure as success. Where we make comments like” I have had lectures since morning and I cannot even stress myself too much ooo, I will read tomorrow jare”, but I have found out that a man who procrastinate just always want to find an excuse for his laziness.
The mentality of I can’t think about that right now, if I do, I will go crazy, I will think about that tomorrow should not be found in someone who is willing to put effort into his/her success.
So I put to us today, get up make that plan, pray against the spirit of procrastination and make yourself proud.

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