June 20, 2020, Author: Fayokemi Akinkuade

Let your speech be seasoned that they may give grace unto the hearers. What constantly comes out of your mouth? Are they curses, vulgar words, slangs, abuses or are they praises, blessings and words of exortation? Beware!
Do you know that little thing in your mouth could bring down potential leaders, engineers, scientists, doctors, pilot and great men of tomorrow? It could also sabotage visions and change destinies. Quite interestingly that same tongue can lift up the fallen, can bring hope too the broken hearted, can restore the lost and can re-awaken a dead heart. Why use your tongue negatively when you can use it in so many good ways. Anything that can edify and will bring another person down shouldn’t be uttered. And if you doing have anything good too say‚Ķ..just SHUT UP

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