Growing Unto the Statue of Christ

June 20, 2020, Author: Fayokemi Akinkuade

There is always joy in our heart when we see ourselves grow.Then what use would it be when we remain in the same position after giving our lives to Christ. Our perfect example was also perfect In his growing ability.
The word of God says; “we will do greater works than our lord Jesus Christ, so it means there is a standard of growth that as a believer we must attain.
When you don’t take in the right nutrient which is the word and prayer, then you will be diagnosed of inefficient growth.
Spiritual growth is a intentional action that can only be achieved by intensifying our nutrients.

These Nutrients to growth is the word of God and prayer. Fellowshipping with the father is also a way to grow to the fullness of God, but it doesn’t just start at onces , it takes conscious effort.

Every time you pray or study the word you are one step closer to becoming like him. Make time out today to fellowship with Jesus and you see yourself growing to his statue.

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