Christianity and Adversity

June 20, 2020, Author: Fayokemi Akinkuade

These are trying times for souls of men, many are weary and many loose faith. But as Christian’s we are to keep up with that which we proclaim. The peculiarity of times like this is to make us strong as that is what we believe.
Proverbs 24 : 10 says if thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. This remind us we are not to go back on our faith as the storm will pass by. Having this understand keeps us in check of how we can keep ourselves from falling. Growing is Paramount for seasons like this as this is one of the ways the devil creeps into the lives of Christian’s.
Majority hide under cooperate anointing, forgetting the need to approach the presence of God individually on daily basis to get that which belongs to them. We are to clinch to the cross to strenghten our faith, our lives at this time is meant to be an example for others to follow but if we fail in our primary assignment the Christian journey looks hard.

The world is looking at us and we are not to misdirect them. Embracing the life of Christ builds our walk with him, as our life is a function of that which we preach.
Nobody says adversities are good but they are necessary to build us and the best way to succumb this period is to bring out the best in it, using it to our advantage by adding value to our spiritual life and every aspect as it may concern us.
If you are the type that have been wavery with spiritual things,now is the time to bring the fire on. The fire is always there( in abundance) but it requires you accessing it( The only way to learn to pray is to pray). Pray regularly and you become undefeated by the devil.
Many find it difficult to do the things of God because they are carried away by the things around them, it easy to seat and become idile while our spiritual life go down,we are Christians it essential we burn for God in times like this. Brace up and do the necessary.
It easy to backslide in moments like this because the cooperate anointing is not there, it expedient we go the extra mile to keep burning for God.
As Christian’s constant study of the word and prayer is essential to send the devil and his vices parking.
Go back to God if you have turned away from that which you believe.

Remember Jesus told us he has overcome the world and so our victory is sure. Keep the fire burning.

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